Letters for Home (2017)

‘Letters for Home’ looks at three types of interiors in London, from the perspective of the Eastern European immigrant. Each is photographed with a different technology - medium format film, spy-pen camera, smartphone. One is the shared space of the seven-bedroom house the artist lived in as a student. Another is a series of interiors that she cleaned as a job. The last series is showrooms from home decor stores, that she visited for leisure purposes. Together they explore how the affect of displacement is more complex than just not living in one’s birthplace, and it appears at the intersection of multiple coordinates - the unsatisfactory living conditions resulted from London’s housing crisis, a workplace beneath expectations, and the allure of the home decor market. Here, the Eastern European idolisation of the Occidental lifestyle is questioned and reimagined as a sequential trap.

Graduate Show, Truman Brewery, 2017; Graduate Selection Exhibition, University of Westminster, 2017; Letters published in Heaven or Hell, Homeland Zine Collection by Revolv Collective, 2019

One handmade box with three concertina books