Street Delivery (2013)

This installation piece was created for the first edition of the Street Delivery Festival, which was organised in the three largest cities in Romania, including my hometown, Iasi. I asked the guests to lend me their personal memories of various places and buildings, in an effort to negotiate the perspectives of a divided community on the past and future of the city. Notes were written in both Romanian and English, and ranged from intimate memories to political statements regarding the state of the city.

Street Delivery, Iasi, Romania, June 2013

2m x 3m wood panels, polysterene, standard paper prints, post-its, pens, pins

Next summer with the gondola

Stop destroying Iasi. Let the linden trees breathe!!! Stop cutting them down!

Here... we trained for our first mission in Afghanistan!!!

Here is the place with my dearest friends, my dearest memories and of course the ‘forgettings’.

Where I left my virginity.

Secret entrance into the Botanic Garden.

My kitchen was on fire.

At mum’s.

Here I start my first job!

Here I felt Paula’s warmth.

Here we’re raising our boys.

Here you sang ‘Wonderful tonight’ to me and I fell in love.