The Doors (from Inheriting the Interstice) (2019)

They call Transition the historical period between December 1989, with its violent days of the Revolution, and January 2007, when Romania joined the European Union. I call transition my childhood, a time-space flowing unhurriedly towards ‘a better life’, ‘true capitalism’, and ‘original democracy’.

Family photographs from this period are rescanned, resized, reimagined. Photography as factual description becomes thinking through images. The photographic interstices on these 35mm films resemble the thirdspace of Transition. A site of hybridity between a despised past and an ideal future, Transition already has embedded in itself the form it slowly moves towards, but also the frustration that this goal cannot be attained in the present. Therefore, the perception of time shifts from a flow to a dragging present, creating the illusion that the nation is trapped in history. Transferred from the margins to the centre, the black gap seemingly absorbs the photographic space and collapses the linearity of time. 

The prints are the same size as the living room doors in the artist’s home flat, in Romania.

Part of the Graduation Show at the Royal College of Art, London, June 2019

Three 200cm x 78cm direct to acrylic unique prints