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Past Present. Fragments of memory. Bucharest-Pompeii-London
Exhibition review, Revolv Collective
Marie Smith - The Fog Has Lifted
Photobook review, C4 Journal

Photography as Tool for Critical Thinking with Lucian Bran
Interview, Photography INFLUX

Generation Lockdown #2 with Maya Brasington
Interview, Revolv Collective

José García Oliva: How May I Serve You
Book review, Art Monthly No.468, July - August 2023
Generation Lockdown #1 with Kairo Urovi
Interview, Revolv Collective
Florine Thiebaud - Breaking Point
Photobook review, C4 Journal

In Defence of the Small Screen - winning essay of the Michael O’Pray Prize 2022
Essay, Art Monthly

Closed Vitrines and Open Histories: Photography, Archaeology and Museum Practices
with Giulia Parlato and Giovanna Petrocchi
Interview, C4 Journal